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The Pop-Up store that talks about ethical fashion

29 March 2021
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Le Marais welcomes Pop-Up store of selected slow ethically aspired fashion brands which is considered to be the community of people who share the idea of sustainable Fashion industry development.

From September 18th till 30th the newly born Pop-Up boutique  INSPIRATION opens the doors of its sublime space in Le Marais, Paris -3 with european  independent designers and brands of male and female clothes and accessories who make their first and even huge steps in developing or producing their products ethically .

‘Creating our Pop-up project nearly one year ago, mainly we were inspired by the idea of our input in making fashion consumption process more conscious by showcasing modern designers who tends to create their products in responsible ways, discovering  the current technologies on sustainable manufacturing and discussing the current opportunities,’ – commented Kateryna Quasimodo, one of two its co-founders.

During these 13 days when parisian conscious shoppers are able  to visit the store and also make an online appointment,  Pop-Up will also host a series of Fashion Talks.

‘Our Pop-Up Inspiration is not only a boutique that enables fashion brands aspiring for ethical and sustainable business practices to share their products with french customer, it is also about a community that shares the same values and vision about the future of Fashion. That is why we will also run after-work Fashion Talks and other mini-events that will be streamed life for everyone to participate, share, contribute and continuously improve’, – commented co-founder Helene Stetsenko.

As one of the steps in consious consumption way in retail, Pop-Up Inspiration will range the purchased items in handcrafted bag in tissue with the purpose of further use by the Customer. This special bag gives also opportunity to pay 5% less for the next purchase. 

Pop-Up Inspiration

September 18 – 30th 

Address:  13 rue de Saintonge , 75003, Paris

The brands in showcase:

Atelier Misu (Netherlands):  casual  premium urbanwear, designer Erick Cormier

Aiganym Iskakova (Kazakhstan):  soft tailoring with a twist with asian influences;

The Staunton Legend (Netherlands) : sustainable one-suitcase male and female casualwear;

Riaz Dan (Germany): dark edgy couture;

Zukerka Handbags (FRANCE):  classic and elegant handbags with a touch.

Fashion talks session:

Discussion: COVID 19 and its impact on Fashion industry

The Agendas of Ethical fashion (social, cultural, economic, environmental) //Speaker: ESMOD representative

One suitcase wardrobe – how to create sustainable style // Speaker: The Staunton legend founder and designer


About Pop-Up Inspiration

We are two friends over decades with business and fashion backgrounds who have joined their professional lives to create a unique retail experience of accessories and clothing. We believe in slow fashion and innovations and appreciated well-designed and creative high-quality products produced in responsible way.

INSTAGRAM: @popupinspiration

FACEBOOK: @popupinspiration

Les contacts pour la presse : Kateryna Quasimodo,; tel: 06 26 53 1772

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Where does Zukerka brand name come from, since when does it exist ?

15 March 2021
Posted by

ZUKERKA [zu’ke:rka] is Ukrainian for ‘candy’. In the same way candy has its own unique taste, we create our classic handbags with a twist to suit every woman’s style. Thebrand was created out of a passion for trendy straw bags in 2011.

What is the concept ? We are an independent slow fashion brand which allow us to control every item and propose tailored to demand high-quality goods.

More about you ? I was born in a small ukrainian city in the 80s, so raised with limited choice for everything. I was nutrished by what I had accessible : foreign fashion magazines, cinema, TV series and golden age movies. My mom was a strong influence and a great support. We made my first strawbag together using natural straw canvas from DIY set and old leather belt with woven parts for handles. I was 18.

After gratuating St Martins in London, I took a Fashion Management course in Milan, then I specialized in leather handbags design and manufacturing in Bordeaux.

Who is your customer ? An active woman with style, elegance, who always has something to put in her bag. (smiling)

Can we ask your age ? Yes, I am 38 . I do not feel my age, I believe the elder you are the wiser you are. Just make sport and take care of the beauty.

Why fashion ? I came to fashion after work in information technologies. I was successful and well-known in my industry. One day I asked myself what would make me really happy and set my bags design brand up.

A fashion Icon Jane Birkin. I also have lots of Alexa Chung , Giovanna Bataglia –Engelbert, Jacky Kennedy and Lee Radziwill outfits on my moodboard.

Worst fashion faux pas ? when someone wears stylish our expensive outfit with fake Chanel or Dior bag

Your style ? I have two young children, lot of things to do so most of time I am casual smart, but with a twist.

Favorite outfit ? I have two favourite outfits : just jeans and white tank top or shirt and the 2nd is a swimsuit.

Favorite piece in wardrobe ? My old straight fit GUESS jeans, when I wear them I feel myself fit and beautiful.

A fabric ? Straw J with its special tender smell, for me this is nature, warmness, sun, I feel all that when I take my straw bag in my arms. Denim and linen – for me they are timeless.

A color ? Navy is my black , for the other – it depends on my mood, current inspiration, projects and application

Sources of inspiration ? First this is Nature and foreign countries I discover which are so different from ours. I call them “Another world” with its distinct cultures and heritage, colors and shadows, architecture and decoration. Then, there are artworks, paintings, furniture and interior decoration and of course the cinema.

A decade, a century ? I have an real interest for antiquity and renaissance, but I really like the time we live in now.

A soundtrack ? Bohemian rhapsody by Queen

A movie ? I am still fascinated by Casablanca, the story, the actors, the outfits.

A book ? I moved a lot, I changed the house, the city and eventually the country, and my precious small volumes of Pushkin’s poetry were always with me and will always be.

A piece of art ? Lately, amazing pieces by Auguste Rodin like his famous hands sculpture compositions are on my mind. The symbol of hands is crucial for me and for my brand. All our products are handcrafted and the valuable hands of our artisans are fundemental instruments.

A city, a country ? There is a city dearest to me, deep in my heart, that I always miss and where I have so many memories and stories :My city, Kiev, Ukraine.

Few years ago I fell in love with amazing and colourful Mexico, its nature, people, cultural and historical heritage. Dreaming about Japan, I feel some sort of internal connection with this country.

A cause ? Children, they are our future, they are great motivators and always my priority. (She didn’t mentioned but Katya also took part in local charity initiatives during confinement)

Three fundamental values ? Honesty – Lightness of being – Hard work

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